Viewing Responses

Quick and easy way to view all Responses is to open Responses window

In Responses window, you will see all of your collected Responses across all Forms in one place. However, if you want to see full detail and analyse it, best is to view individual Forms & Surveys. For this, you need to open Surveys window and select a Form you want to view

In a Form window, you can browse all Responses and open individual Responses in pop-up windows by clicking on them

1. You can change the view of a Response pop-up:

  • Hide Text – temporarily hides all text on a Response window
  • Hide Images – temporarily hides all images on a Response window
  • Expand Images – temporarily expands images on a Response window

2. You can Download, Print or Email a Response from the same pop-up window

3. Tools area: Flags, Notes, Links and Archive