Create a Notification

Navigate to Settings window Notifications tab where you will see New Notification option

  1. Enter a Name for your New Notification, then select a template.
  2. Set a condition when your New Notifications will be triggered:
    • select a form;
    • then determine if you want to match ALL or ANY of the set conditions;
    • select available questions from a Forms to monitor;
    • select a condition;
    • enter a keyword;
    • add another condition if needed.
  3. Choose your target audience (one or multiple):
    • Subscribers – will deliver a Notification to Users who have this Form assigned to them. You can make exceptions;
    • Internal Users – will deliver a Notification to selected Users;
    • External Users – will deliver a Notification to not registered Users. Here you will need to provide email addresses. As external Users are not registered, you will need to select a White Label as well.
  4. Configure your Notifications:
    • Subject – email subject;
    • Message – if you selected to use a template you will see the preset message. Here you can edit your message. You can use available shortcodes.
  5. Save and Enable your New Notification to start monitoring.

If you are not an administrator, you will need to have permission to Create a Notification. This will depend on a User Role assigned to you by your Administrator.