Our story

Once Upon a Time, there was a company that strived to provide the best cleaning service possible to its customers. The company had dedicated and well-trained staff who do their best to deliver on a promise, however, it was not enough.


The team struggled to communicate and be transparent with their customers. Paper reports were inconsistent, easily misplaced or lost. Customers weren’t impressed and frequently refused to pay for a service that the company could not evidence.

It was time to adopt new technology. After a few months of research, the company found an app that would allow them to record reports electronically. Everyone was happy. Staff and customers enjoyed the benefit of a new system.


Months went by, and the more app users company had, the more it was paying in subscription fees. The financial burden became too great to bear.

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It was time for a real change! The company has decided to develop its own app and become financially and technologically independent. So they did.

Failed Payment - Tapapp: Mobile Forms & Surveys

The new app was a real game-changer and so successful that the company decided to share it with the whole world.
They called it TAPAPP.