Accounts, Users & User Roles

Tapapp operates B2C and B2B modules. It is easy and quick to manage your users in the Users screen.

Account Types

There are two types of accounts to chose from:

  • Personal – account belongs to an individual and is solely used by one User
  • Corporate – account is used by multiple Users and is created for a business. Useful in situations when businesses prefer having open access and share it with their employees

User Types

There are two types of User profiles:

  • Web App – User has online access and can log in to view data
  • Mobile App – User has mobile access and can use the app to collect data

Users can have both User Types assigned to them at the same time.


User Roles

User Roles define permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. With Tapapp you can create multiple Roles and assign it to your Users.

User Roles cover all areas: Surveys, Responses, Notifications, Users, Subscription and Settings. For more information about the areas and individual permissions, visit User Role Permissions.