User Role Permissions

Permission is a rule that controls a certain aspect of the system. Once activated, it will grant a specific right to a User. Administrators can create various User Roles by assigning a combination of such Permissions.

User Role Permissions cover areas: Surveys, Responses, Notifications, Subscription, Users and Settings.

View SurveysUser can view all the surveys assigned to that user
– Archive Surveys User can archive surveys
– Assign Users User can assign surveys to users
– View All Surveys(Including All Responses) User can view all surveys
– Synchronize Surveys User can synchronize response of survey
– View Archived Surveys User can view archived survey
– View Surveys Settings User can view survey settings page
– View Sensitive Data User can view sensitive data
– Create Surveys User can create, edit, view and archived the surveys
– Share Surveys User can share the surveys
– Edit Skip Logic User can edit skip logic rule after publish survey
View Responses User can view all the survey responses
– Flag Responses User can raise flag on survey responses
– View Comments User can view comment on survey responses
– – Public Comments User can view public comments
– – Internal Comments User can view internal comments
– – Private Comments User can view private comments (his own)
– – Post Comments User can post comments as public, internal or private (as long as he has permission to view)
– – Edit/Delete Comments User can edit/delete his own public, internal or private comments (as long as he has permission to view)
– Archive Responses User can archive survey responses
– View Archived Responses User can view archived survey responses
– Link Responses User can linked survey responses
– Edit Notifications User can edit notifications
– Edit Responses User can edit whole survey responses
– Add Response User can add responses only in case of online internal Survey
View Notifications Online User can view notifications
Send Notifications Via Email User will get notification via email
– Send PDF User will get PDF as an attachment in email notification
Manage Subscriptions User can manage subscription
– Edit Account User can edit account details
View Users User can view all the users
– View User Stats User can see user stats
– Assign Surveys User can assign surveys to users
– Create Users User can create users
– Lock Users User can lock users
– Edit Users User can edit users
– Archive Users User can archive and delete users
– – View Archived Users User can archive users
– Manage User Roles User can manage user roles
– View Admin Notes User can view admin notes
Edit Profile User can edit profile and change password
Manage Notifications User can manage notifications, templates and announcements
Manage White Label User can manage white label
Manage APIs User can manage APIs
View Device Log User can view device log

If you are not an administrator, you will need to have permission to Create a User Role. This will depend on a User Role assigned to you by your administrator.