Billing Cycle

Our billing cycle is Monthly.

1. At the start of every month, you will receive an automated Invoice – Monthly Charge

2. You will be charged for all of your stored data so far

3. You will have 10 days to pay. Please make sure you have your Payment Method setup so that there are no delays in processing a payment.

If an invoice is not paid within 10 days from the Invoice date, your account will be locked. After another 10 days, if we still have not received a payment, your account will be closed and all collected data erased.

This action is irreversible.

During your Free Trial Period, as our monthly billing cycle goes, you will receive automated invoices at the start of every month. However, it will be discounted to a zero rate.

When your Free Trial Period ends, we will invoice at the beginning of the following month, excluding Free Trial Period days (pro-rata).