Design Mobile forms & Surveys with Tapapp

Replace your paper forms today

Mobile forms for better reporting.

We’ve got you covered with our all-encompassing data collection platform. From drag-and-drop form builders to collecting user responses, you can create a unique workflow from start-to-finish.


Drag & Drop questions to create forms

Our user-friendly interface supports 22 most popular question types. Just choose a question, drag and drop, give it a name… done!

Skip Logic for better results

For more advanced forms, use our unique interface to create a skip logic (no coding required).

Publish your forms with a single click

Once you are happy with all of the questions, go ahead and publish your form. Don’t worry! You will still be able to edit most of its features later.


Assign Forms to your users

Assign any form you want to as many Web or App users as you need.

Share Forms via a link or email

Share your forms via an instantly generated link or email.


Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Use an unlimited number of mobile devices to collect responses.


Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

Use an unlimited number of stand-alone devices to collect responses.


Share a link to your form and allow your respondents to submit their feedback online.


Responses are all safe in one place

We store all your data safe and secure. Additional controls are available to protect the most sensitive information from accidental access.

Filters for quick results

Use handy filters to quickly filter through all of your data. Select any user, date or location to find the most relevant information.

Analytics for deeper understanding

Understand how every question on your form is performing. 

See how frequent your form is used: by date, time, location or user. Spot who is underperforming!

Audit Results for compliance

Use mobile forms for your audits and spot failing areas. See all results in one place represented by individual and overall scores.

Stay in control and know when to take action.

Flags & Notes just in case you need it

Flag your responses. It’s a bit like emails but not as annoying 😉

Leave private, internal or public notes for your colleagues and customers.

Notifications for knowing what really matters

Powerful event-based triggers will notify your target audience about the most important events as it happens.

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