Mobile Forms & Surveys

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys is a universal and flexible system. It can be used equally by professionals and individuals; small and big businesses.

Unlike generic paper forms, users can give more detail when reporting through Tapapp, meaning Mobile Forms & Surveys can present respondents with additional questions based on the circumstances that they are reporting.

In principal Mobile Forms and Surveys have the same features across the system.

It is up to you to decide how you want to call it.

mobile form is an electronic or digital form application that functions on a smartphone or tablet device. Mobile forms enable users to collect data using mobile devices, and then to send the results back to the source. Mobile forms exist to replace paper forms as a more productive means of data collection, eliminating the need to transcribe or scan paper data results into a back-office system.

In research of human subjects, a survey is a list of questions aimed at extracting specific data from a particular group of people. Surveys may be conducted by phone, mail, via the internet, and sometimes face-to-face on busy street corners or in malls. Surveys are used to increase knowledge in fields such as social research and demography.

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