Closed Account

If an invoice is not paid within 10 days from the Invoice date, your account will be locked. After another 10 days, if we still have not received a payment, your account will be closed and all collected data erased. This action is irreversible.

We might Close your Account for one of the following reasons:

  • You have not paid your Invoice that was overdue for 10 days
  • You have failed to comply with our Policies
  • We have received a court order
  • You have asked us to close your account

To notify you about Closed Account we will send you an automated email with a brief explanation to why this has happened.

None of your Web Users or Administrator will be able to log in and use the system.

App Users will be signed out from the App.

Following our Data Retention Policy, after 1 month from closing your account, we will erase all your stored data.

During the 1 month period, you can raise a case and request to reopen your account. However, you will need to provide strong evidence to support the reasons why we should do that. To raise a case, please contact our support team at