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Tapapp is a fast to deploy, cost-effective data capture and reporting tool that can provide process and compliance improvements across most businesses. If you record it on paper, you can record it on Tapapp.

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Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys
Tapapp has completely changed our business. Our field operatives now can submit their reports where ever they are. Even offline!
Colin Stirling | Managing Director
Tapapp is the most affordable reporting tool on the market for Easy Inspections and Reports

Provide your employees with a simple reporting tool, enabling them to record key information on the go and automatically sync it back to your business systems.

Quick and easy to create and deploy new reports.

Simple to use and available on any device.

Tapapp Health & Safety Sector
Areas of Application

Audits & Inspections

Infection Control Reports

Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

PAT Testing

Asset Inspections

DSE Workstation Assessments

Security Inspections

Building Inspections

Stock Orders

ID Card Requests & Issue Reports

Compliance Reports

Visitor Records

Satisfaction Surveys

Waste Management

Ad-hoc Reports

We deliver simplicity

Unlimited users, unlimited mobile devices, unlimited customisable mobile forms, and no limits to any features.

Just one simple monthly fee for data storage and that’s it!

Easy Setup
iOS & Android
Works Offline
24/7 Support
No licence fees
No hidden fees
No caps

for one simple price

The more data you collect, the more storage you will need.

But don’t worry! 1 GB of storage will give you up to 10,000 images or 100,000 responses.

30 days

Free Trial
All of the features with no limits!
  • Custom route creation
  • Custom group creation
  • Support

1 GB

All of the features with no limits!
  • Free routes & directions
  • Basic web route creator
  • Android and ios app
per GB per month

2 - 10 GB

All of the features with no limits!
  • Run unlimited routes
  • Maps & Print directions
  • Export GPX
per GB per month

11 - 50 GB

All of the features with no limits!
  • Custom route creation
  • Custom group creation
  • Support
per GB per month

50+ GB

All of the features with no limits!
  • Custom route creation
  • Custom group creation
  • Support
per GB per month


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Inspections and Reports

Tapapp has completely changed how our field staff collect and record information that is key to our business. No more paper forms and endless communication. Our customers love the enormous environmental benefits and transparency it offers.
Colin Stirling
Colin Stirling
Managing Director @ Hi-spec Services

Case Study

Hi-spec Services provide high-quality cleaning services to the Public Sector. They cultivate excellent relationships with customers in Estates Cleaning, the NHS, Schools, Public Buildings and the Transport Sector. These relationships rely on reporting back on visits, highlighting of any issues or events on site and proof of service completion.

Hi-spec Services has over 100 field agents who visit their customers on a daily basis at their premises. These sites are often remote and do not have reliable mobile phone or wi-fi signal.  Field agents are required to ask questions and gather key information whilst on site.

This was historically carried out with pen and paper (or by memory!) which created a huge admin task each day as each agent would typically visit five customers per day. By the time the notes were typed up, they were either of poor quality as it was the end of the day or lacked information as the notes taken at the time were forgotten and key information was missing. In many cases visits were recorded with no notes at all.

Tapapp Solution

Tapapp enabled Hi-spec Services to create a standard field data capture form. This includes basic fields and prompts agents to ask key questions. Tapapp collects the data and syncs it back to the main database when the agent returns to an area where a mobile phone or wi-fi signal is available. After seeing Tapapp work for them, they were able to add additional functionality like uploading a photo from the customer site.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys
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