Creating a Form


Creating Mobile Forms & Surveys is easy!

Navigate to Surveys window where you will see Create Survey option.


Navigating the window

After you clicked on Create Survey option it will open up a new window

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  1. Your Form or Survey name that can be changed at any time by clicking on it.
  2. Use available Question Types by dragging & dropping into the Questions Area (3) or double-clicking on it. In other tabs, you are able to Design Forms and adjust Settings.
  3. Questions Area where you can manage your preselected questions.
  4. Settings area for each preselected Question Type.
  5. Form Completion Tools:
    • Close – this will close a form and if it was not saved previously, save as Draft
    • Share – if your form was published previously, share it via a link or email
    • Preview – will show a preview of your Form
    • Publish – will publish your Form and you be able to start collecting Responses


If you are not an administrator, you will need to have permission to create new Mobile Forms & Surveys. This will depend on a User Role assigned to you by your administrator.