What will working remotely mean in 2021?

Working remotely is not a thing of the past but very much reality and our future. What was new in 2020 will be the norm in 2021.
Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives and has brought disruption, exhaustion, financial uncertainty and a loss of control. However, one of the more positive elements is its impact on the workplace.

Remote working pre-Covid vs. now

Pre-Covid, remote working was offered by some companies, although not usually as standard. It most case, it was deemed an employee benefit that had to be earned. The obvious benefits of remote working for employees are less commuting and more flexibility, but until recently, this was reserved for days when you felt a little under the weather or had a busy meeting to prepare for.

Post-Covid, those that can work from home are firmly encouraged to do so and video calls have become the norm. Such immediate changes have been implemented with off-the-cuff decisions and less planning than usual – after all, who plans for a pandemic that locks down half of the world’s population?

We have had to collaborate, organise and address each challenge as it comes, working together to support each other and our businesses as we adapt to working from home.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

Technology and remote working

Technology has been a key enabler in bringing people together. Online tools for collaboration have empowered businesses to achieve their goals, whether they are physically together or spread out across the country.

Before Covid, it often seemed too complex to implement remote working on this scale. Time and cost concerns have held companies back from implementing remote working models, despite the technology being widely available.

However, those challenges are fewer now big names such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are entering the market alongside previously less known companies such as Smartsheet, Zoom and Tapapp.

Start-ups and tech firms are thriving because they’ve been able to adjust to the changing environment, focusing on solution-based ideas which allow collaboration no matter the user’s distance or location – remote working never felt so together or so straightforward!

One emerging star in the field of remote working technology is dedicated to empowering businesses. From employers to employees, Tapapp’s core offering of powerful but simple data-automated collection is enabling businesses to optimise their workflows from start to finish.

What is Tapapp?

Tapapp is a cost-effective app for the future of better reporting. Whether you’re looking to collect and collate data via mobile forms, surveys, checklists, customer feedback or the like, Tapapp places emphasis on user-experience, ensuring there are no needless reams of paper to sift through. This improves productivity, makes data result sharing easy, and even more appealingly, it’s all done for you.

Due to its simplicity, completion rates for surveys will be much higher with more in-depth responses, which is great for when you need both quality and quantity. What’s more, it’s all presented in clear and concise visuals.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

Why Tapapp?

Whether you’re looking to empower your employees with regular communication, reach out to your customers, or gather data for audience building, competitor insights and other such data-led strategies, having an all-encompassing method of data collection is crucial to presenting and publishing those results.

Tapapp offers a free and unlimited app – you can set up numerous users no matter their location without worrying about the cost per user.

What can Tapapp do for your business?

With Tapapp, you’re able to create beautiful and user-friendly surveys using your company’s branding and logo, with the flexibility of an intuitive design tool to ensure you’re able to put your plan into action.

With 22 question types, you can create any type of survey, with mandatory questions and error notifications ensuring the user has the best experience possible, making them more likely to complete the survey or form. Fewer user drops offs means a higher volume of data collected for analysis.

Once your survey has been created and built, you’re able to publish these worldwide on any device. Whether you’re online or not – in the Far-East or down the road in London – you’re able to collect instant responses.

For further transparency, which we all need in times of data collection and interpretation, there are automated timestamps and geo-locations too, giving you further data to analyse – what was the optimum time for responses? Where were people most likely to respond?

The tablet offers all the features of the app, along with a stand-alone kiosk mode, meaning better user experience for face to face contact when appropriate. Users are also able to complete surveys at their own convenience.

The online version of Tapapp is just as user friendly and powerful, with a few key features that are well worth shouting about. This includes ‘Skip logic’ for unique data visualisation and absolutely no coding required.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

Simple yet powerful survey creation

Another key selling point of Tapapp is its complete simplicity – from the ability to distribute forms and surveys via the app or an online link to its exporting of data into .csv, Excel, or PDF documents for further analysis.

Tapapp offers powerful filters and analytical tools to ensure the data you’ve collected is collated and used in any way you require – and then presented in clear and concise graphs and tables.

With the option to leave notes against responses, event-based triggers and announcements, there is not one element of this powerful tool that does not assist you with your data-led objectives.

Whether you run this as Tapapp, or white-label our solution, there is no doubt that it will empower you and your business to make smarter, better, more data-led decisions for yourself and your customers.

With the right tools at your disposal, remote working need not be a hindrance to your commercial success, and with tools that are as good as Tapapp, there’s no excuse not to widen your resource kit, expand your knowledge and ask those questions that you really need the answers to.

Remote working and its need for collaborative tools and data-led solutions are only going to continue to be a focus for many businesses as the pandemic progresses. To ensure you’re on the right side of technology, find out more about Tapapp’s story.

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