How to monitor service providers remotely

Remote working is a new experience that many of us have had to adapt to, and it looks like this style of working might be here to stay.
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With remote working now becoming more commonplace, new challenges are arising. One question that a lot of managers are asking is how do you continue to monitor your team of service providers successfully when you’re not on-site?

The current pandemic restrictions have caused huge changes in the way that many of us work. More people than ever are now working remotely for all or some of the time. Situations can also arise where someone may need to work from home unexpectedly. Whilst working remotely undoubtedly has benefits, it also presents us with new challenges. Teams still need to communicate, share information quickly, and carry out their work effectively, but how can you keep track of what’s happening and respond to issues onsite when you’re working remotely? Fortunately, Tapapp is here to help.

Remote data collection

Hygiene and cleanliness are on everyone’s minds these days. Making sure that cleaning rotas run smoothly at work has never been as important as it is now. It’s essential for everyone, but can feel like more of a challenge when you aren’t there in person.

Tapapp makes it simple to remotely monitor your team’s work and give you the insights you need when you’re not on site. You have the freedom to create data collection tools of any kind to make sure you’re getting exactly the information you need. Whether you’ve switched to working from home or you need to manage multiple locations, Tapapp is the streamlined and paperless way to collect data and monitor your service providers remotely.

Never miss information

A common worry when remotely managing a team is that you aren’t getting all of the information you need, but that’s no longer a problem with Tapapp. You can custom build a whole range of data collection tools that are tailored to suit you’re the needs of your business, including surveys and checklists. For example, cleaning teams can complete checklists for areas they need to clean or specific tasks they need to complete in one part of the building. With a variety of question types to choose from, you can make sure you’re getting a clear overview, as well as the specific information you need. Vital questions can be made mandatory and error notifications will show if they aren’t completed.

Your service providers can complete surveys or questionnaires when they’ve completed their tasks, and are able to report any extra information you really need to know about such as faults or hazards. Then, you can instantly access this information, stay up to date, and respond quickly if issues arise.

No more miscommunication

When managing service providers remotely, there can easily be miscommunication and confusion. Of course, if you are managing something as important as cleaning and hygiene, it’s essential to get things right every time. Tapapp helps you to clearly communicate tasks and responsibilities to your service providers, as well as provide additional instructions for particular tasks. You can add any question you need to, so your checklists and questions can be as detailed and thorough as necessary to make sure your service providers know exactly what is required of them. Surveys and questionnaires can also give you insights into how well your service providers understand their work, aiding you in understanding and addressing the needs of your team.

The flexibility of Tapapp means it’s easy for you and your team members to share information from anywhere and at any time. Issues can be flagged and instructions can be communicated clearly and efficiently so that the whole team always knows what’s going on and can stay on task.

Easily monitor productivity

Monitoring the productivity of your service providers can also be an issue. You need the confidence that tasks are being completed as needed even when you aren’t there on-site, and cleaning is an area where you don’t want to take any chances. By using Tapapp, you can compile job checklists for individual or multiple users in as many locations as required.

Team members can then easily view and complete these checklists as they work. This allows them to clearly understand what is required and allows you to see exactly which tasks are getting done and who is doing what in real-time. This gives you an accurate insight into the productivity of your service providers. You can immediately access the responses, even when you are offline, helping you to keep track of what your service providers are doing at any time and from any location. This makes managing team members at multiple sites easier than ever.

Make your team feel heard

The switch to remote working has been a big change. Being managed remotely can be tough on service providers, especially when they are part of a large team. It’s not unusual for team members to feel isolated or feel that they aren’t being heard or recognised. Great communication, being able to easily share information with you, and knowing that you are actively seeking information from your service providers can help them to feel more included and valued.

This can also help to foster an atmosphere of openness and approachability, even when working remotely, so that your team feel able to communicate and raise concerns with you. You can even use Tapapp to directly gain feedback from your service providers about their work and use this to inform your future decision making.

Remote working is a new experience that many of us have had to adapt to, and it looks like this style of working might be here to stay. Whilst this means taking on a range of new challenges, Tapapp is a great way to resolve your communication and data sharing issues whilst you’re remotely monitoring your service providers.

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