Mobile forms can help your business save the environment

With a paperless solution like mobile forms or other cloud-based mobile platforms, mobile surveys can be created in minutes and released to millions of customers instantly or as part of a broader coordinated campaign.
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Using mobile forms for form completion and survey collection is an environmentally friendly solution for any business. With a mobile form platform, businesses can create mobile surveys, field-based reporting, and customer information collection that is completely paperless, and avoids the infrastructure demands that paper-based forms demand.

How can mobile forms save your business money?

Mobile forms allow businesses to collect surveys and customer information in an entirely digital medium. In short, using mobile form software will save you time, money, and fuel costs by reducing your need for printed materials and physical logistics, and by streamlining data entry and analysis jobs. Plus, since mobile forms take down and store information in the cloud, you can access your data anywhere.

For these reasons, mobile forms are a must-have for any business seeking to streamline costs and remain agile and competitive – not just “green” companies. Any business can benefit by using mobile forms and field-based reporting.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

Mobile forms can help your business save the environment.

Using mobile forms in place of physical data collection infrastructure is an environmentally friendly solution that can be harnessed by any business of any size. A mobile form platform can be used to create mobile surveys, for example, that are completely digital, with data stored in the cloud. Digital tech isn’t just environmentally friendly in the sense of the trees that are saved from being made into paper – it also has a knock-on effect too in preventing delivery trucks from needing to be on the road, eliminating couriers who would otherwise be emitting carbon from their exhausts, and saving on storage space and man-hours in your business.

Plus, every tree that remains alive is a carbon sink – they draw in carbon and bind it in their cells, removing it from the atmosphere. By contrast, the process of cutting down a tree and converting it into paper results in approximately 110lb of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, without even touching on all the carbon that that tree would have absorbed if it had stayed alive. By switching to mobile forms, your business is making a stand in favour of trees and against greenhouse gas emissions, and your customers will know it.

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What are the advantages of cloud-based mobile forms?

There are dozens of advantages to using a cloud-based system in business, both in terms of environmental protection and business sense. From reliability to agility of service provision, cloud computing is clearly the way to go, but here are a few reasons to go digital that fit particularly with mobile forms:

– Mobile forms are perfect for surveys, audits, inspections, checklists, customer feedback and kiosks.
– Using mobile field-based reporting allows businesses of all sizes to gather customer data during events or on the go.
– Their cloud-based structure means data can be collected instantly with very little commitment from customers and no logistical difficulty.
– Data is instantly quantifiable and doesn’t have to be entered into a data processing system manually as it would with paper form completion, so analysis is quicker and easier.
– Mobile forms are a must-have for mobile businesses!

Why should your business go digital?

With a paperless solution like mobile forms or other cloud-based mobile platforms, mobile surveys can be created in minutes and released to millions of customers instantly or as part of a broader coordinated campaign.

Paperless forms are also more secure, as they can be password protected and stored safely digitally, preventing unauthorised individuals from viewing the information. Paper forms can easily be left around an office or commercial workspace and viewed by unauthorised individuals who may have malicious intent.

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What’s the business advantage of using mobile forms to go green?

Businesses today increasingly need to be eco-friendly, especially if they are selling eco-products or selling to a younger demographic, who cares immensely about the environment and are willing to vote with their wallets. Businesses are seeing the shift from the era of customers demanding convenience to a new era – one of those customers now demanding accountability and responsibility from the businesses they spend their money at.

That’s where mobile forms come in – their environmental benefits mean that using them will help assure your customers that your company is doing everything it can to save the planet, and help to win their loyalty in turn. In 2015, Nielsen carried out a survey of more than thirty thousand people around the world, and of those, a full two-thirds said that they would be happier spending their money with sustainable businesses or paying a higher price for a product that was sustainably sourced – so make the switch to mobile forms, and your business can enjoy the environmentally-friendly impact on its marketing efforts!

It’s also a good idea to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental legislation – each year, more and more regulations are passed to make businesses comply with environmental standards designed to protect the world we’re all living in. By switching to mobile forms now, you’d be ensuring that your business won’t have to scramble to meet future regulations, while your competitors might, giving you a strong advantage.

Tapapp Mobile Forms & Surveys

For more information about mobile forms, get in touch with Tapapp today – we’ll be happy to help your business make the switch to mobile forms! From drag-and-drop form creation to single-click sharing and cloud storage, Tapapp makes for easier collection of data than ever before and allows you to create workflows and reports quickly, seamlessly, and effectively. With mobile forms, mobile surveys can be created in minutes and released to millions of customers instantly, either on their own or as part of a broader coordinated campaign with your marketing team.

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